Software Upgrade

Data used by a computer is generally stored on its own hard disk or on the hard disk of another computer that it can access over the network. The various applications that run on the hard disk, store data they use as per their own required formats such as word documents, excel file, PDF documents, image files and other formats. In case of any upgradation of software application, the process that was earlier used by the software to access files may get disturbed with the result that they are no more available to the user.

Effect of upgradation

4There may be a large number of advantages that usually occur with a software upgrade such as the machine may operate faster with new features and older problems getting resolved. But the disadvantages of software upgrades are also quite concerning. The problem of an inaccessible storage media normally happens if there is a lack of upward compatibility or downward compatibility between the two versions of the software. The disk can be rendered inaccessible because the software upgrade can cause the following things to happen:

  • The hardware of the machine may not support the version of the software upgrade. In this case, the computer and the disk will fail to function as it used to before the upgrade was installed. The unsupportive hardware will make the hard disk inaccessible. The only option is to upgrade the hardware also.
  • Since the software upgrade has not been tested over time by a large number of users it may contain a bug that has crept into it unnoticed. The bug can cause the software to make the hard disk inaccessible and the data in it unreadable. Accept upgrades that are tested to be clean before installing on your computer.
  • The upgrade may have features that are new to you and which uses the data in a way that is unfamiliar to you. You may find that you are unable to access the data on the disk in the way you used to after the software upgrade.
  • You or the other members of your company may not have the time to re-learn the features of the upgraded version and find out the way to access the data already there on the hard disk. The data in the disk will look inaccessible to you when you use the old techniques for accessing it.

Data recovery process

There are only two options left when a software upgrade creates a problem of inaccessible storage media. Either you downgrade the software to its earlier version that may not be viable as you will have already spent a lot of money on the upgradation process. Or it may seem that recovering the data with the help of a professional data recovery company will cost far less money than retraining the whole staff of the company so that they can use the software upgrade effectively. Since the first option is out of the question, the second option of recovering the data may be more comfortable. You can get the data recovered from the hard disk and then reload it again with the help of the new software so that the computer can operate at full strength again.

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