Important Steps For Protecting Data

It is very difficult for anybody to know in advance when a disk drive is going to fail. Since the disc contains data that is vital for any business or individual, there has to be some means of keeping it safe at all costs. You may not be able to recreate data that is lost. Information regarding daily transactions in a bank is a case in point. If any data on these transactions is lost, then it is almost impossible to get it back. The basic protection against any loss of data is possible, keeping a backup to prevent any loss.

Keeping a backup

EX1The simplest way of protecting data can be done by keeping a backup in the following ways:

  • Backup on optical media – Small amounts of data can now be easily backed up onto CDs and DVDs that can be used to reload the new hard drive later on. It is especially convenient for home users and small offices.
  • Backup on pen drives – The pen drives available currently in the market can hold up to 32 GB of data and sometimes is enough to hold all you critical data. Individuals with a limited amount of critical data can keep backups in this fashion.
  • Backup on external disks – Presently external hard disks are available for keeping backups that can go up to 2 GB of data. These external disks work through the USB ports and are very convenient for individuals to handle.
  • Backup on tapes – Large businesses have huge volumes of data that have to backup on tapes that can store this data. The applications allow the use of multiple magnetic tapes that make the storage of backed up data almost infinite.
  • Backup on disk drives – An array of disk drives are used to back up vital data by large businesses so that they can access and use the data whenever any problem occurs with the original disk drives of the computer
  • Using cloud computing – Nowadays the latest craze is about cloud computing where your data resides in a computer somewhere where it is safe, and you just download whatever you need to your computer to work.

Using special hardware

For all kinds of businesses protecting data is a very important factor for healthy operation. Using special hardware such as the RAID or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks is one of them. In this concept, the hardware breaks up data into small chunks and stores them on a large number of disks. Whenever this data is accessed, it is recreated by fetching its various portions from multiple disk drives, and passes it to the computer asking for data. Another feature of this concept is that it allows multiple disks to go bad without affecting the operations by building the data from what is left of it in the operational disk drives. Protecting data has become so important that large businesses who have enough money are building Disaster Recovery Sites which may be located in a different place from where their main computer system works. It is one of the ways to protect your data in case of natural disasters taking place in one part of the world.

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