Dead Hard Drive

The disk of your computer can contain vital information without which you cannot do any work. For businesses, both big and small, such a situation is an utter disaster when all jobs can halt, and everybody is thrown out of work. The financial loss mounts as man-days are lost due to the defective disk. For individuals, it is equally frustrating if the hard disk of the computer fails to respond to all this cajoling to revive it. Since the drive is dead, you have no option but to replace it. But the critical data that the defective disk contained has to be recovered at all costs.

Defects in drives


The reasons behind a dead hard drive may be many. You have to take steps accordingly to recover the sensitive data contained in it. The usual problems behind an inoperative hard disk and the actions that you should initiate are:

  • Head has crashed – This is one of the defects that can occur with most hard drives before they become completely dead. Head crashes can severely damage the disk causing the recovery of sensitive data to become difficult. Take it to the data recovery company immediately as soon as it goes dead. Do not try anything else because the crashed head may compound the damage. The head crash may have occurred to stiction, or dust particle entering the disk cover or the disc spindle losing its speed allowing the head to come into contact with the platter.
  • Spindle has jammed – When the disc has been used for a long time, the moving parts get worn out. As a result, the disk spindle on which the platters are installed can get jammed. If the platters do not move the head is unable to read any data and the disc remains lifeless. The best option in this case is to take the disc to a disk repair agency that can repair the problem and help you to retrieve your data from it. Replace the disk with a new one load the extracted data onto the new disk and start working as if nothing had happened.
  • Electronic component has failed – The electronic circuit board on the disk is its controller. It decides which portion of the disk is to be filled with data, which portion of the disk has to be accessed for the data and so on. Any component failure on this board will render the disk useless. In this case, take the disk to the disk repairing center where they can replace the defective circuit board with a matching one. With new circuit board the disk will get another lease on life and you will get your sensitive data back.

Taking immediate action

You can have a lot of problems when you have a dead hard drive on your hands. If you have kept an online backup on hard disks, you are saved a lot of trouble. But if you have the backup on CDs and DVDs you may get some help from them though the backup may be old and may not pertain to the latest situation. Taking the drive to a professional data recovery firm is the best option you have when the disk drive goes dead. The companies have the latest equipment and years of expertise to recover sensitive data from the drive. The work is done in such a way that full secrecy is provided to the extracted data and you can be assured that no one else will come to know of the contents of your hard drive.

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