Pick a Data Recovery Company

You have lost some very important data, and you decided to search for professional help because you so desperately want that information back. The business of data recovery is a sensitive undertaking as knowledge and integrity are lacking in our society today. You have to make sure that you are in safe hands then.

The companies that recover data are divided into four major types, namely: the nationwide companies that are well versed, those that can recover almost all your information, those that offer services at a very low rate or those that are overpriced because they also outsource service and finally those companies that market the service but are not able to solve any of your problem.


All these companies are out there and you risk getting exploited for poor services or no service at all. As you continue reading you will be able to see what a good company should look like because all of them look more all less the same. When you go for a data recovery company it should be equipped with the following:

Should have the manufacturer’s authorization

The manufacturer of the devices used by this data recovery company will always authorize them to disassemble their devices and offer the warranty. If that company does not offer services this way then you are knocking the wrong doors. Ask them to show you which company approves their drive savers.

Make sure they certify the clean room as required by the ISO class

These are the general conditions of a manufacturing area that are free from static surrounding and dust. The cleanroom is tested twice a year by auditors and certified By the ISO. These companies should follow the conditions certified at original disk manufacturers.

You should be assured of the security of your data in the process of recovery

When recovering data it is under threat from viruses, hacking and even theft. So the data recovery company should recover your files taking into account its safety. The company should be well secured both from outside to the inside. They should have a well monitored and secure web connection that protects them from intrusion by hackers and other criminals.

Should already be inspected by a third party company (SOC 2Type 2 report)

This audit report is issued when a third party company carries an audit on the security of data protocols. Many companies claim to provide information security while they do not, only SOC Type 2 inspection guaranties they do.

Should have a tested and trustworthy HIPAA security submission

The recovery company should have the above named audit that proves that it complies with all standards of security. Any company that offers these services should comply.

Have good encryption tools and a well trained staff that are certified

There are several unique encryption devices out there. When you need integrity in your encrypted information make sure the recovery service provider has engineers that are well trained. They should be able to use the best encryption tools.

As I already said there are companies that provide good services and those that do not. Do not let yourself be baited by low prizes and promises that are not realistic. Demand that they prove their credibility in all spheres. Otherwise you risk losing your data forever.